We securely store your digital film files and deliver them to buyers anywhere in the world.

  • Secure screeners
  • Storage of ALL related assets
  • Quality control reporting
  • Issue correction
  • Standards & formats conversion
  • Custom re-packaging
  • Fast delivery to buyers
  • Triple redundancy


LightVAULT is an encrypted cloud server which manages content delivery to networks and buyers
with conversion, localization, quality control, mastering, and re-packaging services.

We deliver films to buyers and broadcasters worldwide.

Catalog Management

We securely store all your digital masters and deliverables. Owners can manage their catalog through an easy-to-use client portal.

Experienced Staff

It's like having your own technical department within your company, that are always there when you need them.

Quality Assurance

We provide various levels of quality control and integrity checks for any digital files, incoming or outgoing.

The History

In the past, motion picture content owners and distributors stored their precious masters on film reels, and later videotape... this required a large secure climate-controlled warehouse, which incurred a hefty annual cost. As a result, many films were lost, either due to timely disintegration of film/magnetic tape, or lack of funds to pay for this expensive storage.

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The Modern Digital Solution

With the majority of the Media & Entertainment industry rapidly moving into a fully digital motion picture production and delivery, today we finally have an opportunity to preserve our heritage for ages to come - in a digital format. With many cloud storage and archival solutions currently on the market, none of them truly address the needs of media content owners.

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